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Echocardiography is most commonly known as echo is a simple ultrasound test which produces pictures using sound waves. This helps to evaluate problems with muscles and valves in the heart. This is a safe and painless procedure.

Echocardiography commonly known as a ECHO is a test that generates moving pictures of the heart using sound waves.

An Echocardiogram helps evaluate various problems within the heart and measures its function. It gives information about the heart’s structure and blood flow, non-invasively (safe and painless).

Common reasons to get an echocardiogram are

-A new heart murmur

-Recent heart attack

-Chest pain or breathing difficulty

-Any heart valve problems

During the test, a probe is placed on the chest with ultrasound gel. The probe produces ultrasound waves and the reflected waves are used to obtain the heart images.

There is no special preparation needed for the procedure.

Please wear loose clothing and you will be asked to remove the dress above the waist. You will then be draped with a sheet to keep you warm and comfortable. Study approximately takes 30 minutes.